3D Photo Crystals

Invented in 1998, the 3d photo crystal is the modern version of an image framing process that dates back to ancient times. Although, the process is called as 3D, the crystals are flat. This is because they are not real and cannot be perceived as real. The photo process can be done with two or more digital photographs taken at different angles and the result would be a single crystal that look like a real crystal. It is because of the effect that the crystal produces that this process is popularly used these days. Whether it is an anniversary, wedding, graduation or remembrance gift, prize or ornament the 3d photo crystal is the best option that is available.

When it comes to choosing the best and unique way to gift your loved ones or colleagues, you can go either way. You can choose the conventional method of engraving through the use of silver ink or by using a special laser technology. However, opting for the 3d photo crystal presents something special that keepsakes your love for years.

There are many advantages that come with opting for this type of item. To begin with, the engraved message or image can be placed on a smooth, polished and durable surface which can be an acrylic, enamel or glass plate. With this kind of material, the depth of the engraved message will always remain the same. Also, when it comes to engravings there is no need to polish the surfaces and to regularly polish it to achieve a shiny surface. Also, these 3d photo crystal gifts are the perfect way to ensure that your loved ones are kept in high regards irrespective of age, gender and status.

You will also find that the cost of the 3d photo crystal keepsakes are not very expensive. In fact, they are much affordable than most other types of crystal gifts. The standard sized crystal keepsake box comes with a heart shaped, round, square or oval plate and measures about 8.5 inches in height and width. With this kind of presentation, you can be assured that the engraved message or image will be clearly visible.

In addition, you will also find that most of the engravers who are engaged in this business will craft each item as one of a kind offering. In other words, the items are crafted in a manner that it appears that the item was hand made by a master craftsman. In addition to this, when you purchase a standard sized 3d photo crystal wedding gifts, you will discover that there are some engravers who will allow you to engrave the images on the products in whatever size you require. This is an added advantage as most of the standard sized crystal gifts do not have custom options. You will be able to choose a personalised option for your loved one as they would love to have something that is unique and special.

You will also discover that the prices of these products will vary depending on the engraving options. In this regard, you will need to look for the options on the online shopping portals and compare the prices. You will be able to get great deals as online stores have lower operating costs. Most online stores also allow you to browse the collections of 3d photo crystals in their online catalogue. You will need to look for the ones that come with the LED light bases so that you can engrave messages on them. This is because the LED light bases enable the engravers to place the images very close to the surface without having to worry about damaging the item with the heat.

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